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Legendary DW craftsmanship. Electrified.

DWe's handcrafted acoustic-electronic convertible wireless drums represents a breakthrough in design, allowing you to express yourself in ways previously unimagined.

Digital heart, acoustic soul.

DWe combines the first-ever ​acoustic-electronic convertible drums equipped with authentic DW sounds, ​ground-breaking wireless innovation, ​and the handcrafted drum shells ​that have made DW ​The Drummers Choice® since 1972.​

Acoustic. Electronic. All DW.

Play Acoustic. Electronic. All DW.

Acoustic-Electronic Convertible

Designed with Pure Maple shells meant to be converted from electronic to acoustic and back again, DWe will quickly become the most versatile kit in your collection.

Proprietary Wireless Technology

Wireless connectivity enables easy setup, tear down and placement of components.

Drummer Chad Wackerman recording drum samples for DW Soundworks

Authentic DW Drum Sounds

With DW Drums sampled at the DW factory ​to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, DWe includes the most authentic representation of DW sounds anywhere.

Craftsmanship. Electrified.

The same DW quality and artisanship, now amplified by technology.

Explore DWe Craftsmanship

Possibilities. Electrified.

Designed for creative expression.

Explore DWe Possibilities

Your Sound. Electrified.

Craft your unique sound to make it your own.

Customize Your Sound

Drum Sets



DWe Snare Drum

Add-On Drums

DW Soundworks gives creators everywhere access to DW Drums sounds sampled to the exacting specifications of Drum Workshop's world-renowned artisans.

This revolutionary software is a virtual instrument that equips drummers, multi-instrumentalists, and producers with a sonic canvas to find just the right drum sound.

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"I love the ability to change my drum sounds at the click of a button."

Nisan Stewart

Kirkee B Playing DWe Drums

"Finally…drum playing and recording has launched into the next realm with the new DWe Drumkit!"

Curt "KIRKEE B" Bisquera

Drummer Stephen Perkins playing DWe Drums

"A great sounding, high-powered jaw dropping electronic drum set has sound and vision."

Stephen Perkins

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DWe Availability

DWe products are currently available in the US and Canada. Check back for availability in additional markets soon.

Explore Drums by Series

Collector's Series

Collector's Series

American-made custom drums.

Performance Series

Performance Series

Handcrafted performance.

Design Series

Design Series

All part of the design.


DWe e33 Series

DW. Electrified.

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