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Collector's Series® SSC

Go with the grain.

Specialized Shell Configuration (SSC) is John Good’s breakthrough wood grain orientations to build you the most musical drums possible.

About John Good's SSC

SSC is the result of John Good’s experiments, which led to the discovery of tension’s effect on tone. These drums use construction techniques that alternate wood grain directions, which modifies tension and pitch.

SSC & Your Custom DW Drums


SSC & Your Custom DW Drums

SSC & Your Custom DW Drums

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Play SSC - Part 1

SSC - Part 1

Play SSC - Part 2

SSC - Part 2

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Recommended Configuration

SSC gives you full access to DW's tonal expertise. Artisans at the California Custom Shop will handcraft you a set of drums utilizing John’s legendary shell formulas.

Your kit will be a perfect blend of X-Shell™, HVX™, HVLT™, VLT™, and VLX™ shells. Note: SSC Drums are Maple only.

Recommended sizing chart:
8”: X-Shell™
10”–13”: VLT™
14”–15”: X-Shell™
16”–18”: VLX™
Bass Drums: VLX+
Snare Drums: 11-Ply VLT™

Specialized Shell Configuration

DW layers plies cut to different grain orientations—horizontal, vertical, and diagonal (X-shell)—to lower the fundamental pitch of shells and maximize resonance. Find your tone in HVX™, HVLT™, VLT™, VLX™, and X-Shells.

SSC Options

Explore Drums by Series

Collector's Series

Collector's Series

American-made custom drums.

Performance Series

Performance Series

Handcrafted performance.

Design Series

Design Series

Innovative sounds by design.

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