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Wood Snare Drums

Classic wood tone for your backbeat.

Snares are a vital part of your sound and tone woods are crucial to DW’s legacy. Explore beloved woods like Maple or Oak for warmth and punch in a DW snare.

Wood shell options

DW offers a diverse selection of premium, hand-picked woods sourced from around the globe.

Pure Wood Shells

Select a pure wood for a classic tonal performance. 

Hardware Options

Collector’s Series® hardware is available in five colors, while Performance Series and Design Series hardware are exclusively Chrome.

Lugs / Colors

DW Collector’s Series® turret lugs offer an iconic circular design, which maintains tuning while spreading tension to prevent warping. Performance Series™ lugs offer a quarter-sized turret, while Design Series® are a low-mass mini-turret.

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Explore Snare Drums

Wood Snares

Wood Snares

Pure, hybrid, or exotic tone woods for your backbeat.

Metal Snares

Metal Snares

Inspired by music’s deep history with alloy drum shells.

Specialty Snares

Specialty Snares

Fuse materials to find just the right tone and sound.

DW ICON™ Snares

DW ICON™ Snares

Iconic artists, signature quality.

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