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DW MFG True-Cast Snare 5x14"

Clear as a bell.

This hand-built snare features a sand-cast bronze shell with brass hardware.

A hefty snare sculpted from bell bronze.

DW’s True-Cast snare is a family of heavy-duty, hand-built snare drums that feature a concave bell bronze shell with machined 100% brass hardware for balanced attack and dark, earthy tone.

DW MFG True-Cast Snare Drum, 5x14"

Play DW MFG True-Cast Snare Drum, 5x14"
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Bell bronze is back.

DW MFG True-Cast Snare Drum, 5x14”

The 5x14True-Cast snare features a sandcast and machined Bell Bronze shell that offers a contoured interior shape ranging from 5mm to the top and bottom edges to 3mm at the center. The beefy drum delivers fat, low-end punch that does not choke out at any tuning.

  • Sand-Cast bell bronze shell

  • Machined True-Cast counter hoops

  • Machined Mini-Turret lugs

  • Machined mini MAG throw-off

  • Includes DW MFG flight case

DW will produce 100 of these special 5 x 14” True-Cast Snare Drums snares and each will include a signed certificate of authenticity.

Part # DRVZ0514STZ

DW Soundworks™ True-Cast Snare Drum Expansion Pack

DW Soundworks™ puts the most authentic drum sounds in the hands of beat creators everywhere. The upcoming DW Soundworks True-Cast Snare Drum Expansion Pack offers the thick attack and darker earthy tonality of DW’s bell bronze True-Cast shell.

  • Great for aggressive rock to heavy metal

  • Aggressive attack with deep lows

  • Sampled at 24-bit, 88.2 kHz

  • Recorded at the DW Factory

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