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collector's series metal snares


Titanium is considered by many to be an ultra-high-end snare shell material.  Its boutique origins and less-metallic sound make it a preferred drum for many professional studio and touring drummers.  The thin, 1mm shell features integrated, rolled bearing edges and snare beds with a mirror-like polished exterior.  It’s only offered with black nickel  hardware, giving it its name.  A DW MAG throw-off system with 5P butt plate, 3.0 steel True Hoops, True Pitch tension rods and DW Heads by Remo all come standard.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


These Aluminum drums feature a thin 1mm rolled shell and are “workhorse-style” snares that can be used for every musical genre. The thin bead-less shells offer a more resonant tone with more overtones than their thicker rolled-shell cousins. The drum is finished with a matte grey powder coat and has a rolled bearing edges and snare beds and is offered in chrome hardware.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


Rolled from heavy-gauge 3mm aluminum, this drum offers excellent attack with increased bottom-end and muted overtones. Finished in a durable brushed clear-coat, it can be complimented in any of five available California Custom Shop drum hardware color options. It comes standard with 3.0 gauge steel True-Hoops™, MAG Throw-Off™, True Pitch 50™ tuning and more.

Availability: 5.5x13", 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


Another heavy-gauge rolled shell, the Collector’s Steel snare drum includes an integrated reinforcement hoop for a more focused sound and is offered in a chrome finish. Fitted with features such as premium DW Throw-off, TrueTone snare wires and DW Heads by Remo, Steel drums are loud and metallic with a projection perfectly suited for live applications. Steel snares can be customized in any of five drum hardware color options.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


A much lighter weight shell than its steel cousin, the Collector’s Stainless Steel is rolled from pure stainless and even has stainless steel True Pitch tension rods and nickel plated steel flanged 3.0 counter hoops. Lugs, throw off and butt plate are nickel plated to complete the look. This drum is a studio workhorse, much like some of the most popular brass drums of the past, but with much less muffling required.

Availability: 4.5x14", 4.5x13", 5.5x14", 5.5x13", 6.5x14", 6.5x13"


Rolled from heavy-gauge brass alloy, this is a heavier shell than most beaded-style brass snares. The sound is distinctively brass, but with more body and fatness at low mid range frequencies and a beautiful high end crack. Available in a polished brass finish. The drum can be customized in any of five Custom Shop drum hardware color options. Every drummer should own a brass snare for recording and live applications.

Availability: 4x14", 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


Benefiting from a thin industry-standard 1mm shell and featuring a striking satin finish, the Collector’s Series Satin Black Over Brass snare drum is a powerful addition to this versatile line. Ideal for a broad spectrum of styles and genres, it offers a classic studio brass snare sound and a signature brightness and cut with a decidedly metallic tonal characteristic. Customize it with any available DW Custom Shop drum hardware color.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14", 7x13", 8x14"


Possibly the warmest sounding metal we offer, it’s a soft metal with many of the tonal characteristics more associated with wood drums. Offered in a polished finish, Collector’s copper delivers a warm crack with plenty of response and playability. Customizable in any of five Custom Shop drum hardware color options, this drum sounds good with various head configurations and is suitable for just about any style of music.

Availability: 4x14", 5.5x14", 6.5x14"

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