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classics, jazz, & ecox series wood snares


We took a rolled 1mm, bead-reinforced, all-brass shell and decked it out with everything the Design Series™ has to offer. There's little doubt that this snare drum will more than get the job done in any musical situation. This studio-quality snare is high-end in every way, except for its modest price tag. Available in 5.5x14" and 6.5x14" sizes with MAG Throw-Off™, True-Pitch Tuning™, and a DW Reverse Dot batter head by Remo.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14"

6.5 x 14" Design Black Nickel Over Brass Snare

*Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Crafted from 10 plies of North American Hard Rock Maple, the same exact maple used on DW’s legendary Custom Shop Drums, Performance Series maple snares are lacquered inside for enhanced brightness and attack and finished in natural hand-sprayed lacquer to show off the natural beauty of the wood and is neutral enough to match any drum kit. These drums provide warmth and a throaty backbeat. The Performance Series snare is available in all the same finishes as the rest of the drums, but also with the addition of Natural Clear Lacquer. Shown here in White Marine Pearl.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14", 8x14"


With a thin 1mm rolled shell and sleek, beadless look, this drum is an all-around jack-of-all-trades. It has some of the ping of brass, but with a decidedly more metallic quality with no unwanted overtones, just plenty of cut and crack. Performance Series steel snare drums possess incredible volume and sensitivity.

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14", 8x14"


To achieve that Classic American drum sound, many Classics Series kit owners choose to compliment the dark tone of a poplar/mahogany shell with a Super Solid, however a Classics snare shell has a character all its own. Crafted from 8 plies of North American Hard Rock Maple, 2 plies of African Mahogany and  2" thick, 6-ply maple reinforcements hoops, Classics snares are warm, articulate and surprisingly versatile.  Order it up with vintage looking tube lugs, then dress it up any Custom Shop FinishPly. The best part is that its timeless sound comes standard with the latest modern upgrades, like MAG throw-off system with 5P butt plate,  True Pitch Tuning, True Hoops, DW Heads by Remo and more.

Availability: Custom


Our Jazz Series drums have become very popular due to their warm tone and versatility. As the name would suggest, they perform perfectly for Jazz applications, but are also suitable for just about any other style of music. The 8-ply maple shell with thick gum wood core offers a tone that is decidedly dark when tuned down, or can be tuned up for more attack and presence. It can be ordered in any Custom Shop finish and hardware color, but comes standard with die cast counter hoops that are available in chrome only. Flanged hoops may be substituted in any color.

Availability: Custom

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