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Mike Johnston Ghost Note Pro (DWSMPADMJ) ▼

From DW Smart Practice and internet teaching sensation, Mike Johnston, comes the Ghost Note Pro. It’s a top-quality DW practice pad that employs a unique teaching aid. An adjustable Dynamic Control Bar allows students to practice their grace notes at determined heights. The idea is to keep the stroke under the bar. Once a specific height is mastered, lower it to work on an even smaller dynamic range of motion. The bar can be placed on either side of the pad to suit right or left-handed players and to challenge either hand. The specially-formulated rubber has just the right amount of rebound and the pad can be mounted via a snare stand, cymbal stand, table top, snare drum top or Go Anywhere practice kit.

Steve Smith Bass Drum Practice Stand (DWCPPADBDSS) ▼

Developed by Steve Smith and DW, the "Backstage" single or double pedal practice stand is made of Heavy-Duty Steel, Fully Adjustable, and Fold Tight for Transport. Pedal not included.

Steve Smith Knee Practice Pad (DWSMPADSS) ▼

Developed by Steve Smith and DW, the "Backstage" Pad features a unique Contoured Design and Quick Release Nylon Strap designed to snuggly attach to your thigh so that you can practice your sticking anywhere you can sit. It's perfect for both Matched and Traditional grip.


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