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Limited Editions

DW's Limited Editions

There's nothing we love more here at Drum Workshop, than creating an extra-special, timeless and collectable piece of hand-crafted artwork that also begs to be played. Below are some of our most recent offerings into this realm of such rare and limited quantity pieces. Not only are these Limited Editions crafted to be visually stunning, but equally stunning in their meticulous construction, and unique components.

If you find yourself in need of one of these heirloom-worthy pieces, please understand that they are in extremely short supply, and some may already be sold out. We strongly suggest you Contact an Authorized Dealer Today and inquire about their availability and pricing.


DW Drum Designer John Good and Neil Peart have teamed up to create a one-of-a kind R40 kit crafted from Romanian River Oak and a plethora of intricate laser-cut exotic woods. To commemorate Rush's 40th Anniversary and the making of the R40 kit, a limited number of 250 replica Icon snare drums will be produced. The 6.5x14", 13-ply VLT Oak shell is sealed in clear, high-gloss lacquer and complemented by gold- plated hardware. A signed-and-numbered certificate of authenticity and deluxe carrying bag will accompany each drum and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit Neil's charity of choice.
Watch the R40 Icon Snare video below.

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In the beginning, there was Collector's Series® Timeless Timber Maple, and a legend was born. Then, almost a decade later, drummers were introduced to Timeless Timber Birch, a highly-coveted limited edition. We are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Timeless Timber legacy: Timeless Timber Oak. At more than 1,500 years old, this is a very special wood. These prized logs were dredged from Romania's Olt River which feeds into the famed Danube and eventually spills into the Black Sea. As is the case with all water-salvaged Timeless lumber, it is extremely dense and very resonant. Timeless Timber River Oak is also dark, warm, and very musical.

Finished in Natural Satin Lacquer, complimented by custom-plated Antique Bronze hardware, and outfitted with all-new Lux Leather Bass Drum Hoops, less than 100 of these stunning 6-piece sets will ever be made. For those that have yearned to own a piece of drum-making history, this is the time.

Limited Edition Timeless Oak
Limited Edition Timeless Oak

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