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Clear Edge DW Heads
Also known as "Coated Center", these patented single-ply batter heads offer the warmth of a coated head with added resonance from the clear film that touches the bearing edge. This unique head also includes a crimped aluminum flesh hoop, large diameter coated center dot and durable Dupont brand crystal-clear S film. DW Clear Edge heads can be specially ordered and factory installed on all DW Custom Shop drums. Bass drums feature Remo's standard, glued-channel aluminum flesh hoop that provides maximum vibration and durability.

Bass Drum Sizes: 20", 22", 24"
Tom Sizes: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18"

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Clear Edge Drum Heads

Clear Edge Bass Drum Heads
Bass Drum
Clear Edge Tom Heads


coated clear dw heads

Coated Tone Ring for muffling
with plenty of Resonance


clear edge dw heads

Darker Tone & More Attack
Clear Near Hoop for Sustain


coated white dw heads

Traditional Sound
Single and Double-Ply


resonant dw heads

Bass Drum Logo Heads
& Clear Resonant Tom Heads

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