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Specialty Drums
Part of being custom means we make drums that are out of the ordinary, unique, specialized.
From our Terry Bozzio-inspired piccolo toms, to gong drums, rata drums and so much more,
we’re always pushing the envelope to create new and innovative sounds for drummers to embrace.

The Collector's Series® Cocktail Kit

The Collector's Series® cocktail kit combines many of DW's patented innovations into one unique, travel-friendly set. From its distinct "woofer-tom" to its new Sidekick offset pedal design, no other cocktail kit offers such full, rich tom and bass drum tones. With the use of multiple DogBone® clamps, the kit can be easily transformed into almost any configuration imaginable. Best of all, the kit can be ordered in any of DW's extensive variety of finishes, drum hardware colors, shell configurations and sizes to create the most eye-catching and custom cocktail set-up available today.

Gong Drum

The Gong Drum is a large single-headed mountable bass drum/tom hybrid that produces a very low, staccato fundamental. Developed in conjunction with DW Drum artist Marco Minnemann, DW's gong bass drum incorporates several design innovations and mounting options to better meet the needs of today's progressive players. Featuring a 21" or 23" (both 16" deep) 10-ply undersized all-maple shell for increased projection, the gong bass drum is available in any of DW's finish and drum hardware choices. One of two mounting options can be chosen; two TB12 brackets that can be used to mount the drum on tom stands or a rack (shown), or three Floor-tom style legs and brackets.


Created to act as a sub-woofer for the drum set, this specialty drum is designed to utilize the sympathetic from the bass drum to further enhance the roundness and low-end punch most drummer seek. The 8"-deep drum available in 20", 22", 23", and 24" diameters and does not include a reinforcement hoop. A MAY-mounted AKG D112BD mic is factory installed (internal miking for the bass drum is also recommended). TB12 tom brackets can also be installed on the bass drum and Woofer™ for sturdy set-up. The Woofer™ can be mounted via TB12 tom mounts and "Doobie Bars" (as shown) or with optional MAY cradle (DSMASTD).

Piccolo Toms

Designed with legendary drummer Terry Bozzio, piccolo toms feature a 2.5"-deep chrome-plated steel shell with DW mini lugs and heavy-duty TB12 mounting bracket. A versatile add-on, they are available in 8", 10" and 12" diameters and are compact enough to fit easily into any set-up.

Rata Drums

Rata Toms are 6" diameter single-headed effect drums that are generally tuned high and produce a loud crack. They can be ordered in varying depths and set up in multiple configurations to achieve an almost melodic quality. The 8-ply North American Hard Rock Maple shells can be customized in any custom shop finish and drum hardware color.

Design Series® Concert Toms

HVLT North American All-Maple shells finished in Black Satin with Chrome Hardware. Available in 5x6 + 5x8 and 5x8 + 5x10 pairs. DWSM992 clamp included.


The Standard of Custom


Poplar & Mohagany Shells
Timeless Classic Sound


Gum & Maple Shells
Warm Organic Tone


It's Easy Being Green
X Grain Bamboo & Birch Shells

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