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collector's series features and options

Counter Hoops

Steel Triple Flange Hoops come in graduated weights (1.6mm for 8" & 10" toms and 2.3mm for 12-18" toms and snares).  They come standard on Performance Series drums and are available in chrome only.
Our alloy Die-Cast Hoops are optional on all Custom Shop drums.  Their stout construction and added weight naturally reduce resonance and provide an alternate tonal quality. Die-Cast Hoops are available in chrome only and in diameters 10-16 inches.

standard and die cast hoops

To make a better instrument, sometimes you have to go back to the basics. We spent nearly a year-and-a-half designing and perfecting the most consistent counter hoop we’ve ever produced. It’s called the True Hoop® (U.S. Patents 8,563,841 and 9,390,692) and it’s a major advancement in the relationship between bearing edge, drum head and counter hoop. As drummers, we know how critical that relationship is to tuning and tone. The True Hoop® is just that, round and flat, and without the typical variations you often see around stamped holes. It even has an attractive new touch: a fully-rounded outer edge. They now come factory installed on all Custom Shop Drums and are available in all drum hardware color options.
True Hoops® are also gauged in graduated thicknesses to factory-match various drum sizes.
Drums 8" and 10" in diameter come with 1.6mm True Hoops®, while 12"-18" come with 2.3mm. All snare drums come with 3.0mm True Hoops®.

new True Hoops®

LUX Leather Bass Drum Hoops™

This is the type of appointment that is normally reserved for fine Italian sports cars. Introducing, Lux Leather Bass Drum Hoops™. North American Hard Rock Maple bass drum hoops are locally and expertly hand-wrapped and stitched in a choice of five high-grade synthetic leathers. The option can be ordered on any DW Custom Shop kit and in any bass drum size. The durable faux leather surfaces are low-maintenance and can be wiped clean.
Colors (top to bottom): Adobe, Bone, Cocoa, Black and Saddle (pictured on bass drum)
Custom drum options: the DW Custom Shop has that covered.

Lux Bass Drum

STM™ - Suspension Tom Mount

DW’s patented STM™ (suspension tom mount) system allows drums to vibrate freely, allowing maximum resonance while securely holding the drum in place. Because there are no washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, choking is reduced and tuning is as easy as ever. (U.S. Patent #5520083)

suspension tom mount

Hardware Colors

DW Drums are available in five distinct hardware color options; Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Satin Chrome, and Black Nickel. This includes lugs, hoops, STM™, and tom legs. Colors other than the standard Chrome will add a 10% cost. Keep in mind, our stands are available in Chrome and Gold.


DW Snare Throw-off Systems

A purposefully simple design, the MAG™ (U.S. Patent No. 7,902,444) is a workhorse drop throw-off with horizontal tension adjustment and smooth, easy-adjust action. It gets its name from a clever magnet that's integrated into the body of the throw-off. When the handle is in the up position, it won’t release without a slight tug. When it does release it throws the strainer completely off the head to avoid any strainer buzz. The innovative new 5P, five-position butt plate, allows you to easily and accurately toggle between 5 different levels of strainer tension. The combination of the MAG™ throw-off and the 5P Butt Plate is the most reliable and adjustable strainer system we've ever built and comes standard on all Custom Shop DW Snares. Available in all five Custom Shop drum hardware finishes.

For more on MAG and 5P Click Here (fa)

DW Throwoffs

BDM - Bass Drum Mount

DW offers the Slide Track BDM and Vintage-Style Rail Mount. The Slide Track BDM is available in Single and Double tom configurations and in Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Satin Chrome, and Black Nickel finishes. The Rail Mount is available in Single tom configuration and Chrome. No need to lug around extra tom stands! These mounts have been engineered to have the least possible stress and sonic effect on your bass drum. No more huge holes in the top of your precious drum.

bass drum mounts

Tom Legs

DW is happy to offer a variety of lengths and metals for floor tom legs to suit your artistic tastes. Our standard Steel 21" and 25" legs as well as our light Aluminum 21" and 27" legs are available in the same colors as our lugs (Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Satin Chrome, and Black Nickel). We also developed the Fine Tune Floor Tom Leg as a convenient and easy way to adjust the resonance of any DW floor tom with leg brackets. Simply adjust the knurled knob above the leg to have less resonance when touching the floor and more resonance when off the floor. It's Chrome plated and made of Steel.
See our whole line of legs here:

floor tom legs

True-Pitch® Tuning Rods

To give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch® rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the 12/24 that’s standard on most other drums. To compare, there is 1 thread every 0.8mm on our True-Pitch® rods (about 20% more threads), versus 1 thread every 1.05mm on most other drums. The result is a more exacting tuning process. True-Pitch® rods are only available in chrome and gold.

The Finest Drum Tuning System Available Today
Time-tested True Pitch Tuning™ technology has been around for years. The added thread count gives drummers an expanded tuning range and the advancement has been adopted industry-wide. As DW’s team of craftsmen and designers have continued to improve upon bearing edge cutting techniques, counterhoop consistency, and overall shell making, the time has come for even more control over tuning. We proudly present, True Pitch 50™: the new tuning standard. At fifty threads per inch, these upgraded stainless steel tension rods provide ultra-smooth fine- tuning, allowing for less back-out. Offered on all DW Custom Shop and Eco-X Project™ drums, True Pitch 50 rods and receivers can also be purchased aftermarket to retrofit any set featuring an original-sized DW turret lug.
See our whole line of tension rods here:

true pitch tuning tension rods


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